Sunday, November 18, 2012

S.O.S: Stigmas Of Sowing: There's a feeling you get when you lose something precious (like her crown)/yes, there's a feeling, you can bet/when you let it all hang down: Romance is very obscure/much like the phantom... strenuous, arduous, venomous/I was gonna stand tall/even if the deck did fall - O, my lost brother, when the son's going down/I look-out for myself/when there's nobody around/plastic smiles, on a pedestal to see/shallow laughs, all knowing to me/your destiny is an ever descending tease/yet, your destination is a forever ascending peace - Butt, alas, my mind was numb from thinking/my heart never more jaded/about life's humour that's stinking/and all that's outrated - It was silent in my house now/my arms hung-down like a dead-head of beer/my skull hung-down like a piƱata/never again was I able to fear 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

There once was a King I saw, languidly wry'tn His law, in this picture, in my mind, in His far-out-PJs/A world-at-war was waiting, yet, my mind draws a blank: was He a catalyst for dissension or just a fool's meditation, making haste for the prodigal bank? Nevertheless, our King sed, "Isn't it totally obvious to be totally relevant these Dark Days? Isn't it totally pendulous to be deviant? Better change your ways, earthlings." He sed, "Haven't you outgrown your 'tough-guy-loin crown', uttering your filthy nouns? There's a lovely picture frame on My wall, children, but nthn in it. fewNfar between have answered My call. Long time have I scattered the grain, yet, the world is shaped like the Abyss." He sed, "Where for art thou, O Pied Piper, with thy mortal brains, thy port-wine-stain, to lead them to My heavenly transit without any limit?" Our King sed, "What do you have to justify to belong? What do you have to prove with your wrongs? Hear Me, O lil world... You must, come thy fateful day, yield to My dustNgrey. Then what happens? Your soul's indelible."/"Look-up to Heaven for your only guide: a peace2cease your unholy war! Orphans!! Dost thou truly not know? I AM your Almighty God? I must love, honor, and obey you? Meaning, loving is condemning, too?"/"If we're to keep the liberation, destroy the satanic cage keeping U.S. bound-to-the-bib, and encompass time-honored-traditions, we need to suppress misnomer definitions. We're on the same page, right?"/"And if we're to keep the seed, follow My creed, you must by My rules abide... This shall govern thy lives! Confide in Me! Hide in Me! Tread not upon greed, but upon worthy deeds that never maim, Glorifying My Name!!" Yes, by God!! Jesus shall come with His mighty army and then some! Yes, I can see the folly of the world! Precisely why we wrote these bombastic novels: to teach people who cannot. So, look not to this sinfull mortal, but to the CD (the Creative Doctrine) for the Master of Poetry.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Why dost thou give Thy best,Capulets and Montagues,
when Thou knowest of my unyielding unrest?
As my pen-name
and Janet go asunder,
dost thou still cherish me
as the crooked son shall rise?
Why dost thou still care for me
in my ol BlackFlagrant disguise?
And how dost thou depart our lifelong demise??
With my barbaric knowledge
and your entire Sonlight??
By what pyrric cost,
my lovely, lovely poppyhead,
didst we conceive this whorefrost?
Called, indeed, 'the Death Adjacent' -
where Almighty God's the smith...
and I am the anvil ...??
Hold me tight, honeybun,
and never let me go;
for as long as the night
till this immortal son rises slow.